Hello World!

Its been a while since I last posted. Life got very busy, but I will be posting more often now.
Big news, I just opened my own Etsy shop! I have sold things under both my sisters and my mother’s and my sister’s shop for the past couple years, but I figured it was time to open up my own. I only have a couple things in it currently, but after time goes, and when I have more time I will be posting more… I  have a lot of stuff made up, just have’t gotten the chance to take pictures and make the listing!

If you get the chance to swing through it, maybe see something you like, I would be honored!

Here is a brief preview of what is in store currently,


Thank you all for your continued support!


DIY Glitter Phone Case

Well I’m one of those girls that love to change their phone case often. I love when my phone cases are as unique as I am. Even though its not something that everyone sees, its like a little extension of my fashion sense. So in that case its only right that my phone case is super glittery. I mean what can I say, I love glitter.
But making these phone cases are actually really simple to make. They are a little time consuming, but turn out great!

Harry Potter scarf


Though scarfs are generally pretty easy to make.. I decide to put the pattern I made for my scarf..


Red heart super savers gold and Burgundy

and  a K hook


Yarn over (Yo)

Half-double crochet  (hdc)

there will be a tutorial for this later! (:

Row 1-With burgundy, chain 23, half-double crochet in second chain from hook, then hdc in each chain (22hdc) turn, ch.1

Row 2- Hdc in each hdc across(22hdc)
Row 3-9: you can do how ever many rows of each color. But I did 9.
You repeat row 2 over until you have the desired length of that square.
*At the end of row 9 do not complete your final hdc on that row, do your first YO and draw up a loop, YO again; draw up this loop, now with 3 loops on your hook, drop the burgundy(cut, leaving about a 6 inch tail for weaving in later.) and draw up the gold yarn through all three loops. Turn, ch.1.This is how I make the color switch and it looks seamless:
Row 1-Continue using the gold and follow the same established pattern, (22hdc) turn, ch.1 for 9 rows.
I then switched back to burgundy and then back to gold.  You just keep repeating until you again get the desired length of scarf.
Fringe: Using only burgundy, I cut sets of 3, 12 inch lengths and attached them on both ends for the fringe. I started on the second stitch in and switched between the 2 colors. so Burgundy skip a stitch, gold skip a stitch and so on. I had a total of 11 fringes on each side
Weaving in ends: I crocheted the ends in while I was going, but you can just use a needle to thread them all in.

Harry Potter Scarf Finished!


So I set to work on my scarf and the first one I finished! Its nice and wide, also its super thick! I used a half double crochet for the entire scarf which we make the scarf nice and warm for our Minnesotan winters! Brr! Its already gotten down to 0 for the winter! So I am sure my friend will love it! I mean who doesn’t love warm scarves you can wear 3 different ways! I can post the pattern for this scarf later! (: